About Greg

My road to mattress sales is a bit of an entertaining story. First things first, I am a State of Michigan licensed transactional attorney that practiced law at one of the country’s largest law firms for over 5 years. While with this firm, I worked on matters totaling well in excess of $1 billion dollars. I traveled all around the country and as far as Japan, China and Hong Kong closing transactions for various clients. I was proud of my law degree from the University of Michigan, but I just did not enjoy doing what I did as a lawyer. To quote a good friend of mine, in essence, “I was being paid to move big words around on a piece of paper until no one understood what the document meant, and I charged a strong hourly rate for my service.” At the end of the day, I knew I did not want to practice law for the rest of my years. Accordingly, I left my law firm in September 2009.

So at the age of 30, I had to figure out what I was going to do when I grew up. I was armed with a law degree that I now use as a placemat at my breakfast table, $120,000 in law school debt and a head of hair that would make most women jealous. First, I started doing small legal tasks for various individuals and small companies to keep the mortgage payments timely paid. Come to find out, in speaking with Chase Bank, as my mortgagee, they were not as excited as I was about me leaving my twice a month predictable W-2 paycheck to embark on a jobless journey to find out what made me happy in life. Unfortunately, even as a sole- practitioner, I still was not happy devoting all my time to practicing law. Yes, it was nice not be chained to my chair at the large law firm (albeit a very nice and comfortable chair, I think it was one of those Herman Miller Aeron chairs… honestly, the most comfortable thing I ever sat in… but that’s not the point of this story), but it still did not get me excited to come to the office on Monday mornings. So I kept pursuing. Again, in hand, I had my law degree, my debt and full-bodied head of hair.

I somewhat fell into the mattress gig. The story begins several years ago. When I moved to Ann Arbor, I had to purchase a mattress. I went to Costco and spent $799 on a nice mattress, and it served me just fine for the 3 years of school and a couple years of practicing law. I went to bed every night (well, nearly every night… you know football Saturdays can be crazy in Ann Arbor sometimes) and I woke up every morning, with no real complaints. Through one of my clients, I was able to purchase a very high-end mattress (retail for $4,800) at a very inexpensive price ($900). He was able to get me this price because the mattress was an overstock, closeout, last year’s model, freight rub or comfort trial. Obviously, I did not care about any of that, I was just excited to get a very expensive mattress; the retail price of this mattress was more than my first three cars combined. The morning after my first night with the new mattress, everything changed. I woke up in the same position I had fallen asleep in. I did not turn, I did not toss, I did not wake up at all during the night. The morning pain that I had become accustomed to was not present. It was incredible. The mattress made a huge difference in my night’s rest. I would have considered it a Christmas miracle but for the mattress being delivered in the middle of June.

Shortly thereafter, I bought the same mattress for my mom, my cousin and my brother. Well, you can see where this is going. Through a little of that ol’ fashion lawyering and negotiating, I was able to purchase a large quantity of these mattresses, and on October 1, 2010, a semi-truck full of mattresses backed into our current space in Wixom and Mattress Closeout Center was opened for business. Since October 1, we have been selling mattresses, and selling a bunch of them. We found that people would much rather pay $999 instead of $4,299. We also found that people would rather pay $499 instead of $1,799. I guess it has to do with this recession or something I read about in the paper the other day (just kidding, I don’t read the paper).

Our current locations are part office and part showroom. Remember, I am still a lawyer and that still helps pay the bills while we launched Mattress Closeout Center. We have created a very pleasant shopping experience where you can view and lay on each mattress that we carry. We have pillows (with fresh pillow cases) for your resting enjoyment. We have a no nonsense, no pressure approach to selling mattresses. We offer a great product and sell it at a great price. The wealthiest man I know told me “it’s easier and better to make three quick dimes over a slow quarter”. We practice that mentality at Mattress Closeout Center; we make a couple bucks on each mattress, and focus on selling a lot of mattresses and creating a giant referral base. As you can see from our “Testimonials” page, we take our customer service and our referral base very seriously. We try to make your mattress shopping experience an enjoyment. Have a cup of Starbucks coffee from our new Keurig (this thing is awesome) while you research the consumer reviews and retail price of your mattress choice on the new company iPad (needed to qualify it as a “company” iPad so I could take the write-off).

Currently at our three Mattress Closeout Centers (Wixom, Bloomfield Hills, and Rochester Hills), we offer liquidation, closeout, freight-rub, last year models and comfort trial mattresses for 50-70% below retail and below the competition! We also sell box springs, memory and gel pillows, metal bed frames and water proof mattress protectors. And of course, we even offer white glove delivery. Due to manufacturers’ requirements, as we are selling these mattresses outside of the normal retail chain and below the manufacturers’ minimum retail price, our mattresses are sold “AS- IS” and without the manufacturers’ respective warranty. We, however, at Mattress Closeout Center stand behind our product and guarantee the manufacturing of each of our mattresses. The mattress may have a mark or a mis-stitch, but nothing that would ever compromise the integrity or manufacturing of the mattress, and we guarantee as such.

The moral of this story: I really enjoy selling mattresses to people. I really enjoy sending a text to my customers the following morning to see how their first nights’ rest was on their new mattress. I really enjoy getting people mattresses they never thought they could afford. I really enjoy running Mattress Closeout Center. Come see us, come buy a mattress from us. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,