Our Story

My road to mattress sales is a bit of an entertaining story. First things first, I am a State of Michigan licensed transactional attorney that practiced law at one of the country’s largest law firms for over 5 years. While with this firm, I worked on matters totaling well in excess of $1 billion dollars. I traveled all around the country and as far as Japan, China and Hong Kong closing transactions for various clients. I was proud of my law degree from the University of Michigan, but I just did not enjoy doing what I did as a lawyer. To quote a good friend of mine, in essence, “I was being paid to move big words around on a piece of paper until no one understood what the document meant, and I charged a strong hourly rate for my service.” At the end of the day, I knew I did not want to practice law for the rest of my years. Accordingly, I left my law firm in September 2009. ( Read More →)



mcc_lawn_sign_smallWe try to make your mattress shopping experience an enjoyment, have a cup of Starbucks coffee from our new Tassimo while you research the consumer reviews and retail price of your mattress choice on the new company iPad.